What are the benefits of boilers for my home?

November 17, 2023
What are the benefits of boilers for my home?

Instead of using forced air to heat homes, boilers use radiant heating. Radiant heating is when the system heats radiators, baseboards or in-floor piping to distribute heat. While choosing a boiler for your Paxton home is a major choice, there are many benefits that this heating source offers.

Even Heat Distribution

Compared to forced-air systems that require a significant amount of hot air to gather towards the ceiling before it spreads out and heats your home, the heat distribution from a boiler tends to be more even. The radiant heat that the boiler produces heats all surfaces equally, which means that rooms heat faster. You will have fewer cold spots in your home, which will translate to you and your family being more comfortable.

Energy Efficient

You can generally run a boiler at a lower temperature than other heating systems and get the same level of warmth. Being able to set your system to a lower temperature and still receive the same amount of comfort helps to reduce how much energy you need to heat your home.

Long Lifespan

Compared to other heating systems, boilers tend to last longer when you maintain them properly. The average lifespan is 15 to 30 years, but some can last even longer.

Better Indoor Air Quality

There is no air circulation necessary for a boiler to distribute heat throughout your home. This helps to decrease the circulation of air pollutants, dust and allergens.

Quiet Operation

Boilers run quietly. This is especially true compared to a forced-air unit since the units use fans and blowers to work.

Zoning Capabilities

You can integrate a boiler with a zoning system. Zoning capabilities allow each member of your household to heat their rooms according to their preferences, and you can choose to prevent the flow of heat to unoccupied rooms to save even more energy.

Call on the Heating Professionals in Paxton

We can help you to determine if a boiler is the best choice for heating your Paxton home. Our team of professionals can also help you with any maintenance on your boiler in the future. Should you experience problems with your cooling system or plumbing, we can assist with these also.

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