Understanding Energy Efficiency in HVAC Systems

January 8, 2024
Heating services and AC

HVAC system manufacturers design them with the principle of energy efficiency to ensure consumers enjoy a comfortable indoor environment without high utility bills. But have you ever wondered what the science behind energy efficiency is?

1. System Size

The market has different HVAC system sizes, with more extensive systems for large spaces and smaller designs for smaller areas. Oversized systems may frequently turn on and off while undersized systems may overwork to meet the temperature demand. This leads to high energy consumption. The size of an HVAC unit is determined by British Thermal Units (BTUs). Systems with higher BTUs have higher heating or cooling output.

2. Heat Exchange Procedures

HVAC systems have energy recovery ventilators that transfer heat between the exhaust and air flowing into the rooms. The air circulation ensures quality indoor air while the heat exchange reduces energy consumption.

3. Variable Refrigerant Flow

Energy-efficient HVAC systems vary the refrigerant flow rate depending on the heating or cooling demand in the room. The system doesn’t use extra power to pressurize and circulate the refrigerant and is thus able to reduce energy use when the need for conditioned air is minimal.

4. Thermostats

Thermostats control the cycles of HVAC systems. Depending on the set temperatures, the thermostat signals the system to turn on, and when the room is conditioned to the desired temperature, it signals the system to shut off. This ensures the systems operate when needed and saves energy.

5. Variable-Speed Drives

The energy consumed varies depending on the speed of the fans. When the speed is slow, the system requires less power. Energy-efficient HVAC systems have fan controls that adjust the speed and operate only at full capacity when the weather is very hot or cold. For the days when the climate is mild, they can work at moderate capacity.

HVAC designers work to ensure you get a system that operates at maximum energy efficiency so you enjoy an indoor environment and low energy bills. Consider upgrading your system to newer models that have advanced energy efficiency features. Professionals at Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing can offer you recommendations and guidance. We offer heating, cooling and plumbing services for residents in Paxton and Urbana, IL and nearby areas. Contact Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing today for all your HVAC issues.

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