Top Benefits of Spring AC Tune-Ups

May 17, 2022
AC Tune-Up in Urbana, IL

It’s that time of the year to prepare your home for spring. Don’t forget to schedule an AC tune-up to ensure that the system is ready for the long, hot summer days. Usually, spring AC tune-ups include checking refrigerant levels and electrical connections, cleaning all coils, and replacing air filters. Read on to discover the benefits of scheduling a spring AC tune-up if you’re a Paxton resident.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Better indoor air quality is vital in keeping your home safe from allergens and dirt and protecting your family from respiratory issues. Air filters collect and accumulate debris, dust, and other dirt particles harmful to your health. During a spring AC tune-up, our experts change air filters and check the system for contaminants and air pollutants.

Enhances Overall Performance

An HVAC professional has the skills to evaluate the air conditioning unit for existing malfunctions that could interfere with its performance. The expert resolves the issues early on during spring maintenance to prevent minor repairs from leading to expensive repairs. Once the experts conduct the necessary repairs and check-ups, your air conditioner is unlikely to break down, which improves its overall performance.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Lack of seasonal AC maintenance prevents the system from properly functioning and speeds up wear and tear. An unmaintained air conditioner has to work harder during the spring season and use more energy to cool your home. Failure to schedule an AC tune-up before spring can result in losing a significant percentage of efficiency. Hiring an expert for AC spring clean-up and inspection is an effective way of helping the system to attain its peak operating efficiency.

Improves Indoor Comfort

During spring AC tune-ups, our technician will address any issues with the system that could cause uneven cooling. The air conditioner can keep your home comfortable throughout the hot months. Keep your home cool and comfortable by hiring an expert to maintain your air conditioner this spring.

Regular air conditioning servicing helps increase the system’s lifespan and efficiency. We take pride in offering a range of services, such as heating, cooling, plumbing, and tankless water heater installations to Paxton residents. Call Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing today to schedule an AC tune-up appointment with our experienced professionals.

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