How To Hide Laundry Room Plumbing

May 13, 2021
Laundry Room in Paxton, Illinois

The laundry room in your Urbana, IL, home is likely to be heavily used. All the washing, drying, treating stains, and other related tasks may cause some clutter. If your laundry room also has plumbing sticking out, you might feel embarrassed about it when guests visit. Keep reading to learn some easy ways to hide the plumbing and clutter in your laundry room.

Hang a Curtain

A fast, simple, and economical way to hide your laundry room’s plumbing is to hang a curtain. You could get a vinyl or washable fabric shower curtain and install a shower curtain rod. This will give you and the plumbers easy access in case plumbing repairs are needed.

Install Folding Doors

Folding doors are another fast solution to hide laundry room plumbing. You’ll need hardware and tools to mount it. You could install these on the wall where the plumbing is located or as a closure for the laundry room itself.

Build a Pedestal or Platform

Many people get a pedestal for their washing machine and clothes dryer. This lifts the machines above the floor in case of a leak. An added benefit of the platforms or pedestals is they hide the plumbing. The pedestals can be moved for access to the plumbing.

Hire a Carpenter to Build Cabinets

Cabinets are a good way to hide plumbing and add storage to your laundry room. You could choose prefabricated cabinets or have a carpenter build custom-made cabinets for your laundry room. Custom-made cabinets would also add value to your home. Installing cabinets will make accessing the plumbing slightly more difficult, especially if there is a leak within the wall.

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