3 Reasons Why Your Drinking Water Is Dirty

January 12, 2022
Water Quality in Paxton, IL

A healthy and clean water supply is critical to a functioning home. However, some man-made and natural environmental factors can contribute to a decrease in the quality of the water that flows out of your taps. Here are three possible reasons why your water quality is poor and what you can do about them.

Industrial Pollution

If you live in an area with a significant presence of industrial zones and factories, pollution can seep into your local water supply from the surface. These pollutants can include oil, chemicals, and other toxic substances. Consuming water contaminated with these pollutants can be very dangerous for your health. In order to monitor your water quality, be sure to alert authorities if your water is tainted and follow all governmental boil-water advisories.

Storm Runoff

Another factor that can contaminate your home’s drinking water is storm runoff. When there is a lot of rain that falls in a short timeframe, water cannot seep into the saturated ground, so it must run off over the surface. Along the way, it could pick up a lot of sediment and chemicals and then contaminate your local water supply. If you see that your water is contaminated by brown sediment, be sure to switch to bottled water temporarily until the supply is cleaned up.

Dirty Water Heater

While the other contamination factors take place outside your home, an important factor of water quality to consider is the cleanliness of your home’s water heater. Over time, sediment and bacteria from your water supply can build up inside your water heater to dangerous levels. However, you can avoid this situation by simply flushing out and cleaning your home’s water heater once every year. Once the sediment and bacteria from your water heater are gone, your drinking water will be of higher quality.

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