3 Reasons Why You Need to Schedule an AC Tune-Up Before Summer

April 24, 2023
HVAC in Urbana, IL

As the temperatures rise and the summer season approaches, ensuring that your air conditioning system is in top shape is important. The last thing you want is for your cooling unit to break down in the middle of a heat wave. One way to ensure your air conditioner is ready for the cooling season is by scheduling a tune-up before the warmer weather arrives. Let’s explore why you need an AC tune-up before summer and why having your system checked by a professional is important.

1. Improved Efficiency

Your AC system has been idle throughout winter, and debris and dirt have likely accumulated on its filters and coils. This buildup can cause your unit to overwork to cool your living space, increasing energy bills. An AC tune-up normally includes checking refrigerant levels and cleaning the filters and coils, which can enhance the system’s efficiency and save you a lot of money on energy bills.

2. Prolonged Life Span

AC maintenance can help extend the service life of your cooling unit. An air conditioner is a huge investment, and annual maintenance is one of the best ways to get more years of reliable service from your unit. Scheduling a tune-up before summer can help you avoid expensive repairs, premature breakdowns, and costly replacements.

3. Improved Air Quality

When dust and other air pollutants accumulate in your cooling unit, they can lead to poor air quality when the particles circulate in your house during AC operation. An AC tune-up includes changing your filters and cleaning your coils, which can help reduce allergens in your living space. As a result, you’ll breathe easier and enjoy better air quality throughout the hot and humid summer months.

Rely on the AC Professionals!

An AC tune-up before the onset of summer is essential to ensure your unit is in great shape. It also maximizes indoor comfort levels while saving you money on monthly energy bills. To learn more about the importance of AC tune-up before summer, contact our AC experts at Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing. We also offer plumbing, air quality, heating, maintenance, and commercial HVAC services throughout Paxton, IL, and its environs.

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