Why Would a Furnace Only Blow Cold Air?

October 20, 2020

When the temperature starts to cool down, homeowners may wish to turn their furnaces up. Unfortunately, the system might only produce cold air, which is a potentially troubling sign. What could be wrong that the furnace only puts out cold air? There could be a few issues here.

Check Your Fans Setting

Checking the fan setting may reveal the problem really isn’t a problem. If the fan setting sits at “On,” then only cold air will come out. At the “On” setting, the blower runs continually, whether or not the furnace produces any heat. Adjust the fan setting to address this minor issue.

A Dirty Filter

Among the first things to check when a problem arises is the filter. A dirty filter could cause all kinds of troubles inside a furnace, including causing air to blow cold. Actually, there is a ripple effect that might occur when the filter gets too dirty. A clogged air filter could result in reduced airflow, which causes the heat exchanger to overheat. Once that happens, the heat exchanger may shut down. If that happens, expect only cold air to come out.

Troubles With Parts

Mechanical issues or worn parts may undermine operations. If the limit control switch or blower fan isn’t working properly, then the furnace might only produce cold air. Such things would require service or replacement. Perhaps the entire system needs a thorough inspection if one or more parts malfunction.

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The Pilot Light May Be Out

When the pilot light goes off, then there’s nothing to heat the burners. Check the pilot light. If it is out, there may be a reset button you can hit to turn it back on. Review the owner’s manual for appropriate and safe steps to take.

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