For effective water heater maintenance in the Champaign, IL area, our team at Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing can always be relied upon for the job. A water heater is an appliance that frequently gets overlooked by homeowners, but keeping it maintained can be very beneficial for your household. It’s possible to go several years without a water heater tune-up. By waiting that long, however, you’re hampering its performance and putting it at risk.

    Water Heater Tune-Up Benefits

    Like any household appliance, your water heater develops wear and tear over time. If not consistently cared for, this degradation will worsen its overall effectiveness and efficiency. This can come in the form of inconsistent water temperature, weakened water pressure, or your hot water dissipating more quickly. It will also manifest itself by raising your energy bills. During a tune-up, adjustments and small fixes can be made to counteract much of the appliance’s decline.

    The benefits of water heater maintenance extend to comfort, finances, and peace of mind:
    • Longer appliance lifespan
    • More consistent hot water
    • Lower energy costs
    • Fewer major repairs needed
    • Keeps warranty active
    In addition to the normal wear and tear, water heaters also tend to see gradual mineral buildup, which can be harmful. This buildup can decrease the tank’s volume for hot water and put extra strain on the water heater. Having a water softener helps minimize this, but it’s still imperative to regularly flush the tank and schedule maintenance.

    The plumber handling your maintenance will be able to identify potential problems as well. Learning ahead of time that a part is close to wearing out or malfunctioning can save you both money and hassle down the road. Oftentimes, having a problem caught early on a maintenance visit can result in a complete breakdown being prevented.

    Water Heater

    Homeowners should also be aware that most water heater warranties demand adherence to a specific maintenance schedule. Otherwise, the warranty could become void, which would leave you without assistance should your unit malfunction or require repairs. Yearly tune-ups are recommended as they can result in a lifespan of over 20 years for your water heater. However, your appliance’s owner’s manual should tell you exactly how often maintenance is required to keep the warranty active.

    Champaign’s Water Heater Maintenance Team

    At Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing, we are proud to provide dependable plumbing assistance to the greater Champaign area. We pride ourselves on treating our customers like family, and you become part of that family the very first time you interact with us. After a fun day out at Crystal Lake Park, you may want a shower, and our expert plumbers want to make sure you always have plenty of hot water. In addition to our customers, we also care deeply about our community and take opportunities to give back.

    Give us a call at Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing to learn more about us. We can also help you with water heater repair and replacement!

    Common Water Heater Concerns in Champaign, IL

    When it comes to maintaining your water heater in Champaign, IL, Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing is your trusted partner. Your water heater, although often overlooked, plays a crucial role in your household comfort. Over time, various issues can arise with your water heater, affecting its performance and efficiency:

    • Inconsistent Water Temperature: Fluctuating hot water temperatures may indicate problems with the heating element or thermostat.
    • Weakened Water Pressure: Reduced water pressure could be a sign of mineral buildup or sediment accumulation in the tank.
    • Increased Energy Bills: Higher energy costs without a corresponding increase in hot water usage may point to system inefficiency.
    • Noises: Unusual sounds like rumbling or popping could indicate sediment buildup or a malfunctioning heating element.
    • Leaks: Water leaks around the water heater may result from tank corrosion, faulty fittings, or pipe issues.
    • Mineral Buildup: Gradual accumulation of minerals can decrease the tank’s volume for hot water and strain the water heater.

    Regular maintenance and timely repairs can address these concerns, ensuring your water heater operates efficiently and reliably for years to come.

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