With our hot summers and often frigid winters, high-quality HVAC services in Tuscola, IL are vital. Whether you’re facing an unexpected breakdown in your heating service or need an urgent AC repair, our heating and cooling specialists at Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing can deliver the expert support you need.

    Our services cover every aspect of your air system, including AC installation and furnace repair. You can also schedule a furnace installation with us if you’re looking to upgrade or replace a failing or outdated solution. Our team offers 24/7 emergency HVAC services, and we’re the leading provider in Tuscola. You likely already know us by our distinct company name and logo! 

    Proven AC Repair Solutions

    If your AC unit has recently started acting up, don’t wait to consult a professional. We work on most systems and brands and can handle virtually any repair. A leaking unit, an unevenly cooled space, and unexpected spikes in your energy bill are all signs that you should immediately address your cooling solution.  

    Alternatively, if you can’t turn the unit on, you may have a wiring issue attributable to your general power supply or the cable leading up to the unit. No matter the age of your system, there is always a possibility it could break down at the most inopportune moment. AC repair specialists have the tools and knowledge to restore your system quickly, often after a single visit.

    Comprehensive HVAC Installation Services

    A new, high-efficiency HVAC system ensures an optimally comfortable indoor air environment while your keeping energy expenses to a minimum. An upgraded heating and air system also helps improve indoor air quality, especially in poorly ventilated homes. Recent studies show that updating an HVAC unit can reduce your home’s energy consumption by as much as 40%. 

    So, what does an HVAC installation service entail? Foremost, you can expect a knowledgeable technician to conduct a site assessment. To understand your requirements for a new solution, an HVAC specialist will start by analyzing your home’s heating and cooling needs. 

    After the evaluation, an installation expert will cut the power from your existing HVAC unit and remove any refrigerant before disassembling and extracting the old system. The technician will then install the new solution and complete multiple pressure and vacuum tests. Once everything checks out, the HVAC specialist will charge the replacement system with new refrigerant and schedule a follow-up inspection. 

    Here are the advantages you’ll gain after upgrading your existing HVAC solution:
    • Fewer breakdowns and repairs
    • Enhanced heating and cooling performance
    • Lower energy bills
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Noise reduction

    A new heating and cooling system also includes years of extended warranty coverage. This additional protection against paying for unexpected HVAC services and repairs will give you extra peace of mind.

    HVAC Maintenance Services in Tuscola

    HVAC maintenance refers to the various preventative steps an HVAC service provider takes to enhance performance and extend your system’s lifespan. Your heating and cooling solution requires regular maintenance, just like a car, to ensure its optimal function.

    When you notice odd smells and noises coming from a vehicle engine, this is a clear sign that something is amiss. HVAC units work virtually the same way. If you observe any of these symptoms in your system, the best practice is to call an experienced technician.  

    At Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing, we proudly offer expert and reliable HVAC services in Tuscola. For more about how we can reduce your energy costs and prolong the life of your air system, contact us now!