Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing is standing by to provide a full range of HVAC services in Gibson City, IL, for homes of any size. We have skilled air conditioning and furnace technicians available around the clock to help keep the cool air flowing in the summer and the warm air flowing in the winter. Whether you need a quick AC repair or a completely new furnace installation, we can handle the task from start to finish.

    Furnace and AC Repair Services

    As the temperatures begin to rise over the summer, you want a reliable air conditioning system. Unfortunately, over time, that system will wear down. The most obvious sign of an air conditioner issue is when it blows out warm air. That can indicate either restricted airflow or a problem with your unit’s compressor that needs attention.

    You also want to consider how frequently your air conditioner goes through its cooling cycles. It should not constantly turn on and off throughout the day. You want consistent cooling cycles. An AC repair may be necessary if your unit frequently turns off and on.

    Some of the same repair issues could impact your heating system as well. That unit also works with a compressor that can fail and not deliver the on-demand heat. A thorough HVAC repair session can get your system running as it should.

    HVAC Installation in Gibson City

    Sooner or later, you must replace nearly every major appliance in your home, including your air conditioner and furnace. Replacing your heating and cooling unit will create a comfortable living environment for the family and increase the value of your home.

    The first thing to consider for a potential HVAC replacement is the age of the unit. If your heating and air conditioning unit is older than 15 years, it may show signs of wearing down. That unit’s age can contribute to the lack of cool or warm air circulating in your home when you most need it. You might also notice excessive moisture or leaks around the unit. Additionally, you have to be on the watch for strange sounds or foul odors from the unit. Those could all be signs that you need a new HVAC system.

    A certified HVAC technician will recommend the best type of air conditioning and heating system for your home. It could be that the original system is too small for the house. You could also upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat, which can improve energy efficiency and ease of use. Replacing your cooling or heating unit can be cost-effective over time.

    HVAC Services: Professional Tune-Ups

    A regular tune-up is an important option for HVAC services in your Gibson City home. Rather than a costly furnace repair, a regular maintenance session can ensure your system delivers warm air on demand. That can extend the unit’s lifespan and prevent the need for a new furnace installation.

    Here are some of the common tasks our technicians will conduct when you schedule a furnace tune-up:
    • Lubricating motor bearings and other moving parts
    • Inspecting and cleaning the burner
    • Testing the exhaust system
    • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the furnace
    • Testing the ignition system
    • Testing the carbon monoxide levels
    • Inspecting and calibrating the thermostat
    • Checking and adjusting the fan belt tension

    This same type of preventive maintenance checklist applies to your cooling system, too. It’s important to regularly check the filters and check the compressors for any developing problems. This tune-up session should become an annual task on your home maintenance to-do list.

    The experienced technicians at Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing can handle all the HVAC services for your Gibson City home. Call to schedule an AC repair or furnace tune-up today.