Here at Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing, we proudly offer class-leading HVAC services in Atwood, IL. It doesn’t matter if you need an AC repair or a new furnace installation. We provide a comprehensive range of heating and cooling solutions. HVAC maintenance and repairs are essential for prolonging your system’s lifespan and preventing disruptions to your indoor air comfort. Following your manufacturer’s recommended HVAC maintenance schedule can you save money in multiple ways. It also helps reduce the need for expensive overhauls while keeping your system within warranty.

    Reliable and Affordable HVAC Installation Solutions

    Atwood homeowners need flawlessly working AC in the summertime. Likewise, our frigid Midwestern winters demand an effective and energy-efficient heating solution. As such, your HVAC system works hard to provide consistent indoor climate control. The additional demand on your unit means you need to stay on top of your routine maintenance. Up to 30% of homeowners neglect to schedule regular HVAC services.

    Deferring your recommended HVAC services is not a gamble we recommend you take. This is especially true in light of our often harsh seasonal weather. Regular HVAC services are crucial for avoiding unexpected breakdowns. Without them, our intense and rapidly shifting climate conditions can really start taking a toll on your heating and cooling system.

    Here are just a few reasons why regular checks and tune-ups are so necessary in our region.
    • Increases system efficiency
    • Enhances comfort
    • Improves indoor air quality
    • Prevents replacement and repair costs
    • Extends HVAC lifespan

    When you schedule regular HVAC services, you’ll proactively catch minor defects before they snowball and cause more damage. This approach to maintenance also helps eliminate inconvenient breakdowns that could cost you considerably more than your HVAC’s suggested routine maintenance schedule.

    Atwood Furnace and AC Repair

    When your AC or furnace is underperforming or not powering on, working with a professional is the best approach for fixing these issues. When there’s nothing you can do to recover the system, a qualified heating and cooling specialist can explain why. Our team will also help you find an alternative solution that’s right for your home.

    Low airflow from your vents is one common symptom of a faulty air system that you can usually fix. We typically source this issue to a leaky or obstructed duct. When this happens, you’re paying for AC or heat to go to areas of your home where it shouldn’t. A lack of airflow can also indicate a failing compressor in an air conditioner. Our experienced AC repair technicians can resolve these issues and restore your home to a comfortable air temperature.

    Scheduling Regular HVAC Maintenance

    Scheduling heating and cooling maintenance with an HVAC service provider at least twice a year helps ensure your system’s optimal performance and efficiency year-round. These routine check-ups entail cleaning your HVAC components, inspecting and tightening electrical connections, and lubricating moving parts.

    HVAC systems are complex. What’s more, like any advanced piece of engineering, they’re subject to wear and tear after consistent everyday use. For these reasons, regularly monitoring your heating and cooling solution extends your systems’ lifespans and prevents early replacement costs attributable to deferred maintenance.

    At Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing, we offer a full spectrum of HVAC solutions, including AC installation, furnace repair, and furnace installation. To schedule a same-day repair or for more about our expert HVAC services in Atwood, call us now!