Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing is proud to provide professional HVAC services to homes in Armstrong, IL. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and technicians with NATE and NCI certifications, we strive for greatness with all the services that we offer.

Our experienced technicians can provide practically any HVAC service that you may need, from AC repair to furnace installation and maintenance. We also offer 24/7 emergency services, so don’t hesitate to call us anytime if you require AC or furnace repair services.

Furnace and AC Repair Services

There are few things worse than having your furnace or air conditioner break down on you. Not only is it incredibly inconvenient, but it can be dangerous if you lose your air conditioning in the middle of a heatwave or if the heat exchanger in your furnace cracks. That’s why you should never hesitate to contact us if you suspect that you have a problem with your HVAC system.

While you’ll probably know if your AC or furnace breaks down and stops working altogether, there may be other signs that your HVAC system may be in need of repair. We recommend having one of our technicians look over your system.

The signs of a failing furnace or air conditioner include:
  • Utility bills that are higher than usual
  • Poor airflow from your vents
  • Warm air coming from your vents
  • Strange smells such as burning plastic or rotten eggs
  • Excessive dust in your home
  • Rooms that don’t heat up or cool off

HVAC Installation in Armstrong

In some cases, it’s best to have technicians replace your air conditioner or furnace instead of repairing it. A single repair job may be cheaper than a whole new HVAC system. However, the cost of frequent repairs will add up. If you find yourself calling HVAC technicians for repairs several times a year, consider a new HVAC installation instead. You will be saving money in the long run.

You should also consider a new air conditioner or furnace if your current system is getting old. HVAC systems generally last between 15 and 20 years before you need to replace them. Some systems can last longer than that, but they won’t work as efficiently as a new system. They need to work harder to maintain consistent temperatures, and they are more prone to breakdowns. Again, you’ll be saving money in the long run with a new AC or furnace installation.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Service

Just like anything else in your home, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to keep working efficiently. Some maintenance tasks, such as replacing your HVAC filter and keeping your outdoor AC unit clean, are things you can do yourself. But your system should receive at least one tune-up every year. This tune-up will ensure that your system is working efficiently. It can also uncover minor issues that our technicians can fix before those issues turn into extensive and costly repairs.

For more information about our HVAC services, contact Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing in Armstrong today. Our technicians will be happy to assist you and answer all of your questions.