How UV Lights Can Boost Your Indoor Air

June 16, 2020

Today, perhaps more than ever, you are conscious of the viruses and bacteria in the air in your home. You want to maintain a healthy environment in your house for your family and guests. The use of ultraviolet lighting may just be one of the foot soldiers you need to keep the air in your residence as healthy as possible. This short-wavelength light can damage the genetic material in molds, bacteria, and viruses. Sometimes, this kills the organism, whereas other times, the organism is just rendered unable to reproduce, causing it to die out.

UV Lighting Near the Ceiling

There are two approaches to using UV lighting to clean the air in your Paxton home. The first approach is to put the UV lighting close to the ceiling. This helps to kill particles that circulate in the air. Because the lights are up high, however, they do not pose a problem for any occupants.

UV Lighting in Ductwork

Ultraviolet lighting devices can also be installed in the ducts used for airflow of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. This method keeps the lighting devices unseen and safely away from humans and pets.

How Effective Is Ultraviolet Lighting at Destroying Viruses and Bacteria?

There are several factors that determine the extent to which a system will kill microorganisms in your air. The first is the intensity of the light. Other considerations are the humidity, the duration of the irradiation, and the characteristics of the organism itself. It is important that a professional determine the type of UV lighting that would work best for your household.

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