How To Keep Furnace Vents Clear of Snow

December 4, 2020

When it snows, it’s not just your driveway and sidewalk that need attention. You also need to make sure your furnace vent is free of snow and ice. If the vent is blocked, it can cause damage to your furnace and pose a serious safety hazard.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Furnace Vent Clear

If you have a gas furnace, the fuel being consumed is natural gas. Burning that substance results in more than just warmth. Carbon monoxide and other undesirable gasses are also being produced. These gasses are vented away from your home through a flue.

When it snows, the vent can become plugged. This can prevent these noxious gasses from escaping your home and cause them to build up in your living area instead. That can be incredibly dangerous. Carbon monoxide can cause severe health issues, even death. This situation also increases wear on your furnace, which could result in the necessity for repairs and might reduce the lifespan of the equipment.

Clearing Snow

Inspect your furnace vent after a heavy snowfall. Clear away any built-up snow by hand. You shouldn’t use a tool such as a shovel because it might damage the vent.

Clearing Ice

If ice has built up on the vent, scrape it off using a plastic putty knife. You should look inside the vent with a flashlight to make sure ice hasn’t built up within it as well. Some vents have a stainless steel screen. If this is the case with yours, inspect it to make sure moisture hasn’t frozen over it.

Build an A-Frame

To prevent snow from being a problem, you can build an A-Frame over the furnace vent. This will cause snow to be pushed away from the vent instead of mounding over it.

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