How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

January 19, 2021

Changing the furnace filter on schedule might help homeowners avoid costly problems. Clogged air filters might degrade efficiency, which means higher heating bills. A dirty furnace may even cause overheating, which could lead to a cracked heat exchanger. So, when is it appropriate to change a furnace filter?

A Common Frequency

Air filter companies usually suggest changing a furnace filter every 90 days. An exception would be thicker filters, which could last upwards of six months. That said, these “common frequencies” come with some caveats. Changing the filters ahead of schedule might be necessary, depending on other issues. Remember, changing the filter means putting a new one in place. Washing a non-reusable filter might turn into a disaster.

Picking Up the Frequency

Several reasons may contribute to changing the filter faster. A home that puts the furnace through heavy use may discover the filter “fills up” faster. Pets shedding hair might contribute to clogs. Was remodeling done in the home recently? Dirt and debris could have found their way into the filter.

Checking the filter to see if it needs changing seems helpful. So, would requesting a service call for an inspection or cleaning, as an HVAC technician might discover issues with the filter or another component. Did you know mold could potentially grow on a filter? A fix might then follow.

Paxton, Urbana, and those in the surrounding vicinity can contact Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing for cleanings and filter changes. Our team performs furnace repair and maintenance work routinely.

Stay Alert to Warning Signs

Specific problems may arise with the furnace if the filter is too dirty. The previously mentioned issue with high heating bills is not the only one. Low air flow, dust turning up inside the house and odd furnace cycling issues could all connect back to the filter.

Now might be the right time for a furnace tune-up, and Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing could help. We provide heating, cooling and indoor air quality services to residents in Paxton and the surrounding neighborhoods. We also handle plumbing work, if needed. Our BBB A+ rated company displays certifications from the EPA, NCI and NATE. Call today for a service visit.

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