When you’re looking for an air quality testing professional to help with your home in Fisher, IL, consider the exceptional services offered by Dogtown Heating, Air & Plumbing. Indoor air can become highly polluted over time. Contaminants can build up when fresh air isn’t being flushed through a space, leading to indoor air that is two to five times as polluted as the air surrounding a space.

    Air Quality Testing in Fisher, IL

    If you’re sneezing or coughing a lot when spending time in your home, it could be time to move forward with indoor air quality testing. Dirty indoor air can lead to an array of health issues and should be addressed professionally as soon as you suspect that there’s an issue. An expert can explain the results of the test and help you explore your options for moving forward with an air cleaning system.

    Fisher’s Best Air Quality Testing Team

    Particulates, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, viruses, and mold are all airborne contaminants that can circulate around your space. When they get inhaled, they can make you sick. Air purifiers, filters, and scrubbers are all great options for getting rid of a high percentage of the pollutants in your home. A properly sized system can run efficiently and effectively and allow you to have complete confidence in the air circulating in your space.

    Fisher's Best Air Quality Testing Team

    Indoor air pollutants can come from many sources.
    • Cooking flames
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Paints
    • Furniture

    If you’re concerned about disease spread, an expert can help you explore your options for a UV light. These units are installed in the ductwork of your home and can deactivate the DNA of bacteria, mold, and viruses so that they can’t make you sick.
    Dirty outdoor air can also contribute to poor indoor air quality.

    Indoor Air Quality Testing Experts

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